How Much U.S. Aid Is Going to Ukraine? (2024)

Every year, the United States sends billions of dollars in aid—much more than any other country—to beneficiaries around the world in pursuit of its security, economic, and humanitarian interests.

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Since Russia’s invasion in February 2022, Ukraine has become far and away the top recipient of U.S. foreign aid. This marks the first time that a European country has held the top spot since the Harry S. Truman administration directed vast sums into rebuilding the continent through the Marshall Plan after World War II.

How much money has the United States provided Ukraine?

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Since the war began, the U.S. Congress has voted through five bills that have provided Ukraine with ongoing aid, doing so most recently in April 2024. The total budget authority under these bills—the “headline” figure often cited by news media—is $175 billion. The historic sums are helping a broad set of Ukrainian people and institutions, including refugees, law enforcement, and independent radio broadcasters, though most of the aid has been military-related. Dozens of other countries, including most members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU), are also providing large aid packages to Ukraine.

It’s important to note that of the $175 billion total, only $107 billion directly aids the government of Ukraine. Most of the remainder is funding various U.S. activities associated with the war in Ukraine, and a small portion supports other affected countries in the region.

A large share of the money in the aid bills is spent in the United States, paying for American factories and workers to produce the various weapons that are either shipped to Ukraine or that replenish the U.S. weapons stocks the Pentagon has drawn on during the war. One analysis, by the American Enterprise Institute, found that Ukraine aid is funding defense manufacturing in more than seventy U.S. cities.

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Why is the United State providing aid to Ukraine?

Much of the U.S. aid has gone toward providing weapons systems, training, and intelligence that Ukrainian commanders need to defend against Russia, which has one of the world’s most powerful militaries. Most Western analysts say the military aid provided by the United States and other allies played a pivotal role in Ukraine’s defense and counteroffensive against Russia.

U.S. and allied leaders consider Russia’s invasion a brutal and illegal war of aggression on NATO’s frontier that, if successful, would subjugate millions of Ukrainians; encourage Russian President Vladimir Putin’s revanchist aims; and invite similar aggression from other rival powers, especially China. However, many supporters of Ukraine have faulted the United States and other donor countries for delays in critical aid in 2023 and early 2024. These critics say delays hampered Ukraine’s fighting abilities and allowed Russia to regain the battlefield initiative and retake territory along the eastern front.

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What weapons and equipment has the United States sent Ukraine?

NATO allies are particularly wary of being pulled directly into the hostilities, which could dramatically raise the risk of a nuclear war. However, as the fighting has progressed, many donor governments have shed their reluctance to give Ukraine more sophisticated assets, such as battle tanks and modern fighter aircraft. In the summer of 2023, the United States agreed to allow its European allies to provide Ukraine with U.S.-made F-16s. The first transfer of these advanced fighters was expected in mid-2024, around the time the first set of Ukrainian pilots were scheduled to complete their training on the aircraft.

More than two years into the war, the Joe Biden administration has provided or agreed to provide Ukraine with a long list of defense capabilities, including Abrams battle tanks, anti-aircraft missiles, artillery shells, including cluster munitions, coastal defense ships, and advanced surveillance and radar systems. In early 2024, the Biden administration reportedly started supplying Ukraine with significant numbers of long-range precision missiles, known as ATACMS, that can strike targets nearly 200 miles (322 kilometers) away.

How does the aid to Ukraine compare to that for other recipients of U.S. assistance?

When compared to U.S. assistance to other top recipients in recent years, the extraordinary scale of this aid comes into view.

Looking back over the last several decades, aid to Ukraine also ranks among the largest relative to the size of the U.S. economy at the time.

However, the magnitude of U.S. aid to Ukraine can seem less remarkable in comparison to what the Pentagon budgets each year, or what the Treasury Department was authorized (via the Troubled Asset Relief Program) to bail out Wall Street banks, auto companies, and other sectors of the economy during the U.S. financial crisis.

How does U.S. aid to Ukraine compare to that from other donors?

When compared to the critical support to Ukraine from other countries, the size of U.S. aid stands out.

However, many European governments are making larger financial contributions to Ukraine relative to the size of their economies.

Thirty countries have made major arms transfers to Ukraine in the past two years, led by the United States, Germany, and Poland. Nearly all are wealthy democracies.

How Much U.S. Aid Is Going to Ukraine? (2024)


How much aid has the US given to Ukraine? ›

From the total $175 billion in U.S. spending, $107 billion worth of aid goes to the government of Ukraine. Weapons and equipment are provided through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, Presidential Drawdown Authority,* and Foreign Military Financing Program.

What is the new Ukraine aid package? ›

This Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) package has an estimated value of $400 million and includes capabilities to support Ukraine's most urgent battlefield requirements, including air defense, artillery rounds, armored vehicles, and anti-tank weapons.

Can I use US dollars in Ukraine? ›

Hryvnias are required to pay for goods and services in Ukraine. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks and numerous exchange bureaus throughout the country. Exchange points will often not accept coins, worn or torn bills, or bills less than 10.

How much money has been sent to Ukraine from the UK? ›

The UK is one of the leading donors to Ukraine, alongside the US and Germany. The UK has pledged £12.5 billion in support to Ukraine since February 2022, of which £7.6 billion is for military assistance. This includes £3 billion for military assistance in 2024/25.

How much has NATO given to Ukraine? ›

Since Russia's invasion, the United States has provided Ukraine with around $75 billion in military, financial and humanitarian aid. "Other NATO allies and partners have provided over $100 billion," the secretary general said.

What countries support Russia? ›

Russia also maintains positive relations with countries that have been described as "Russia-leaning" according to The Economist. These countries include Algeria, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Laos, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Uganda.

How much money has the US sent Israel? ›

How much U.S. aid does Israel receive? Israel has been the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign aid since its founding, receiving about $300 billion (adjusted for inflation) in total economic and military assistance.

Did the Senate pass the Ukraine aid package? ›

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate has passed $95 billion in war aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, sending the legislation to President Joe Biden after months of delays and contentious debate over how involved the United States should be in foreign wars.

What is the Ukraine weapons package? ›

This $400 million package contains urgently needed capabilities including: additional air defense munitions for Patriot and National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems; Stinger anti-aircraft missiles; equipment to integrate Western launchers, missiles, and radars with Ukraine's systems; additional High Mobility ...

How much is $100 US in Ukraine? ›

US Dollars to Ukrainian Hryvni: exchange rates today
100 USD3,928.72 UAH
250 USD9,821.81 UAH
300 USD11,786.17 UAH
500 USD19,643.62 UAH
8 more rows

How much is $1 dollar in Ukraine? ›

1 USD = 39.581564 UAH May 16, 2024 11:52 UTC

The currency converter below is easy to use and the currency rates are updated frequently.

How much is $20 US in Ukraine? ›

US Dollars to Ukrainian Hryvni: exchange rates today
20 USD783.13 UAH
50 USD1,957.83 UAH
100 USD3,915.66 UAH
250 USD9,789.17 UAH
8 more rows

Which countries are helping Ukraine the most? ›

The majority of committed support by country has come from the United States, whose total aid commitment is valued at about $75 billion. The U.S. is followed by Germany and the United Kingdom for highest commitments overall. The European Union as a whole has committed approximately $93 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Who has given the most to Ukraine? ›

ukraine war

Ukraine's largest military aid partner since the start of the war, the United States, has committed a total of €67.7 billion in aid when also considering financial and humanitarian support. Germany, the United Kingdom and Denmark have been the next most significant pledgers of aid.

How many himars has Ukraine lost? ›

Ukraine has lost six HIMARS, or High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, and five Patriot air defense missile launchers since the beginning of the year, Shoigu said, according to a Kremlin readout. Russia has claimed to have destroyed HIMARS throughout the full-scale war in Ukraine, which began in February 2022.

How much military aid has Ukraine received? ›

Countries delivering military aid to Ukraine

Since January 2022, mostly Western nations have pledged more than $380 billion in aid to Ukraine, including nearly $118 billion in direct military aid to Ukraine from individual countries.

How much has Canada given to Ukraine? ›

Economic assistance

It includes $4.35 billion in loan resources through the new Administered Account for Ukraine at the International Monetary Fund, which Canada championed, and $500 million in direct bilateral loans.

How much aid has the US sent to Israel? ›

How much U.S. aid does Israel receive? Israel has been the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign aid since its founding, receiving about $300 billion (adjusted for inflation) in total economic and military assistance.

How much foreign aid does the US give? ›

In constant dollars, U.S. foreign aid obligations jumped from $56.3 billion in 2021 to $70.4 billion in 2022, the latest year for which final data is available from a federal tracker.

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