The 15 Best Places for Teriyaki in Seattle (2024)

1.Okinawa Teriyaki


1100 Western Ave (at Spring St), Seattle, WA

Japanese Restaurant · Seattle Central Business District · 17 tips and reviews

Tim Ahlers:Best teriyaki downtown

Forrest:Spicy teriyaki is the bomb! Best teriyaki in town

Barry Hott:Chicken and pork teriyaki combo is the way to go.

2.I Love Teriyaki


3409 Stone Way N (at N 34th St), Seattle, WA

Japanese Restaurant · Fremont · 11 tips and reviews

Zach Hale:The teriyaki is solid enough to keep coming back and they're always cheery. You'll leave full and with a smile on your face.

Mookie Kaushal:The chicken and gyoza teriyaki is amazing.

Samuel G:The number 9 (chicken breast & beef teriyaki) is amazing! The best part is that they have Mexican soda too!

3.Toshio's Teriyaki


1706 Rainier Ave S (at S. Massachusetts St.), Seattle, WA

Japanese Restaurant · 21 tips and reviews

Vinna:I love mixing their salad dressing and teriyaki sauce together! Even better if you add hot sauce mmmmm!

Chris Hammersley:The chicken teriyaki + gyoza combo is a great deal!

Theo Esteban:I've been coming here since I was a kid. Can't go wrong, best teriyaki around!



4743 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA

Asian Restaurant · University District · 15 tips and reviews

Lovelle Suarez:Order the spicy chicken teriyaki! ! Its the craccccck!

Ruby Bahian:Note: the bulgogi needs improvement. It's soupy & the meat needs searing/charring. The teriyaki is a better choice. On the plus side, the wait staff is attentive.

Sean O'Loughlin:Chicken teriyaki + 4 on the spice meter. You are welcome.

5.Nikko Teriyaki


4710 42nd Ave SW (Jefferson Square), Seattle, WA

Asian Restaurant · West Seattle · 13 tips and reviews

Kat McNiel:Yummy spicy chicken teriyaki! Try the miso soup, too! :)

Nick Hultz:Best Teriyaki in West Seattle!

Laura Saechao:Delicious teriyaki! Regular and spicy!! Gyozas are delicious too!!



6501 35th (Morgan), Seattle, WA

Asian Restaurant · West Seattle · 3 tips and reviews

Kaitlin:While I’m tempted to agree with Kenji of Serious Eats’ conclusion that this is the best teriyaki in Seattle, my real tip is get the fried cauliflower and get EXTRA nori ranch. Just trust me. So good.

Sharon Stampfl:Chicken teriyaki and cabbage salad

Cusp25:Chicken and tofu combo with salad and macaroni and brown rice. The noodles were tasty

7.Toshi's Teriyaki


9029 25th Ave SW, Seattle, WA

Japanese Restaurant · Roxhill · 6 tips and reviews

Josh D:The spicy chicken teriyaki is great here and you have a choice in spice level.

Essej T:Yes, it's been said that the woman that owns the place is fantastic and I agree. And I also agree that the spicy teriyaki is excellent. Especially with brown rice.

Candice Bachelder:The pot stickers here are amazing.

8.Teriyaki Bowl


4207 Gilman Ave W (W Elmore St), Seattle, WA

Japanese Restaurant · Magnolia · 5 tips and reviews

Tom f*ckery:Deliciously cheap teriyaki.

Maximum Burger:Jen is portions good Teriyaki. Try to catch some chicken. Upper mid range of Teriyaki pricing. Very friendly service.

Maximum Burger:Salad, katsu, gyoza all DELICIOUS. And for once, a yaki joint that puts all sauce on the table instead of hiding it from you. Cozy interior. GREAT SPOT.

9.Fuji Sushi


520 S Main St, Seattle, WA

Japanese Restaurant · International District · 25 tips and reviews

Terri Nakamura:The Bento Box lunches and dinners are fantastic. I usually order the tempura & salmon teriyaki, but on a rainy day, there's nothing like tempura udon for Japanese comfort food!

Melenie Yap:Bento box; Salmon Teriyaki tho.

cYeNz:Value for money lunch bentos. Chicken teriyaki is a must. Everything else is good except: Katsu (dry), pork ginger (meh), dumpling/shumai (meh). If you're greedy get the Fuji Bento, it's great!

10.Nori Presto


12354 15th Ave NE (btw 123rd St & 125th St), Seattle, WA

Sushi Restaurant · Lake City · 7 tips and reviews

Jimsan Dunstan:Whole lot of chicken!! Tell them to put the teriyaki sauce on the side. They put it on kinda heavy. Ain't no sonnys(Ballard) but it's a good big meal.

Dante Martinez:My favorite local teriyaki spot! Order the small bento, enough to keep you full for lunch and dinner!

Kyle Wayman:Nice little teriyaki place. The Chicken Katsu is yummy. Read more.

11.Sunny Teriyaki


2120 W Emerson Pl #2, Seattle, WA

Japanese Restaurant · Interbay · 7 tips and reviews

Nyx Adam:Spicy beef teriyaki

Drew Milam:Some of the best teriyaki in Seattle. Go off menu and get any combo you want, friendly staff and hefty portions too.

Nyx Adam:Great food at a price you can't complain about, consist calling in your lunch take out as they can get pretty busy.

12.Himitsu Teriyaki


8014 Lake City Way NE #E, Seattle, WA

Japanese Restaurant · Roosevelt · 8 tips and reviews

Eric Rising:I always get the pork teriyaki and the beef short ribs.

Zack Wheeler:Portions are big and tasty. Bring a friend and split a plate. With free egg drop soup, you are guaranteed to leave satisfied.

ReckenRoll X:Free Egg Flower Soup while you wait!



2207 1st Ave (btwn Blanchard & Bell St.), Seattle, WA

Sushi Restaurant · Belltown · 56 tips and reviews

Melissa Goodnight:Calamari was a little overcooked, but the chicken teriyaki was delicious. Also had a Mai Tai which was a little strong and pretty large, so you only need one unless you're looking to get lit. Was good

Robert Goodnight:Best chicken teriyaki I've ever had!

Michael Roytman:This is one of my favorite places anywhere. Opt for warm sake (it's on tap) and don't miss the gyoza. Cheap food, causal karaoke. Need I say more?

14.Teriyaki 1st


5201 University Way NE, Seattle, WA

Japanese Restaurant · University District · 3 tips and reviews

Chris Hamilton:Get the spicy pork teriyaki. You won't regret it!

Brian Buck:If you get teriyaki to-go, make sure to put some extra sauce on it before you leave!

Gary Kuo:Huge portions. Great prices. Find the menu online at before you go!


6415 8th Ave NW, Seattle, WA

Deli · Phinney Ridge · 4 tips and reviews

Scott Mainwaring:Teriyaki is surprisingly good.

Dana Fraser:Get the chicken wings🤤

⚡️Stephano Theo📡📝🎬💿📷:Great nabber hood quicky Mart.

The 15 Best Places for Teriyaki in Seattle (2024)


Where is teriyaki from Seattle? ›

Teriyaki dishes have appeared on American menus since at least the 1940s. But Seattle's Toshihiro Kasahara is credited with spurring a teriyaki trend in the 1970s that kicked this evolution into high gear. He started Toshi's Teriyaki in Lower Queen Anne. His teriyaki was cooked on skewers and came with rice and salad.

Why is teriyaki so popular in Seattle? ›

In 1976, the Japanese immigrant opened Seattle's first teriyaki joint. Locals immediately flocked to the shop, unable to get enough of the teriyaki. Over the following decades, hundreds of teriyaki shops popped up across the city, making Seattle famous for this new style of teriyaki (Toshi's Grill).

What food should you not miss in Seattle? ›

So take a stroll around the city and treat yourself to the 15 best dishes that define Seattle cuisine!
  • Coffee: Hop on Caffeine with a Fresh Brew. ...
  • Succulent Salmon in Seattle. ...
  • Oysters- The King of Seafood. ...
  • Pho - Noodle Soups for Everyone. ...
  • Sushi- A Raw Delight. ...
  • Chicken Teriyaki for the Hungry Soul.

What is Seattle's signature food? ›

What Are Some of Seattle's Famous Foods?
  • Coffee. Seattle is a caffeine lover's dream city, as they have been home to excellent coffee roasters for well over 100 years. ...
  • The Seattle Dog. What is Seattle's famous food? ...
  • Sushi. Sushi is another staple in Seattle. ...
  • Pho. ...
  • Chocolate. ...
  • Quick Pack Food Mart. ...
  • Musang. ...
  • Xi'an Noodles.
May 8, 2024

What food was invented in Seattle? ›

The Dutch baby is believed to have been invented at Manca's cafe in downtown Seattle in the early 1900s – and its name was coined by owner Victor Manca's daughter, who mispronounced the word 'Deutsch,' referring to the German influence behind the dish.

What is the difference between Japanese teriyaki and Seattle teriyaki? ›

The Japanese teriyaki sauce is usually made from a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and rice wine. Seattle style teriyaki takes a slight departure from the traditional Japanese method. Fresh ginger and garlic is blended into the teriyaki sauce, which is then used as a marinade to soak meat overnight.

Where to go for dinner in downtown Seattle? ›

Downtown Seattle Restaurants
  • Goldfinch Tavern at Four Seasons Hotel Seattle. 4.6. Northwest$$$$Price: ExpensiveDowntown. ...
  • Ben Paris. 4.5. Contemporary American$$$$Price: ExpensiveDowntown. ...
  • Alder & Ash. 4.2. ...
  • The Hart and the Hunter - Seattle. 4.5. ...
  • Cafe Campagne. 4.7. ...
  • Ruth's Chris Steak House - Seattle. 4.5. ...
  • Outlier. 4.3. ...
  • Patagon. 3.9.

Is it safe to walk around Seattle at night? ›

The good news is that most visitors enjoy Seattle without any issues, day or night. Violent crime against tourists is very rare. If you use common sense, stick to well-traveled places, and stay vigilant, you can safely walk around downtown Seattle and experience the city's dining, culture and nightlife.

What fruit is Seattle known for? ›

Fresh salmon, halibut and dungeness crab. Depending the time of year... peaches, cherries, berries, apples, pears. Pike Place Chowder has a dozen kinds of soups daily.

Why Seattle is so healthy? ›

If you live in or around Seattle, it is no surprise that the Emerald City was ranked the third-healthiest city in America. According to the study, Seattle has one of the highest physical activity rates in the country and has one of the highest spending per capita when it comes to parks and recreation.

What fish is famous in Seattle? ›

Q: What food is Seattle famous for? A: As you may have heard, this city takes its seafood seriously. Salmon is such a part of the area's culinary identity that Sea-Tac airport throws a mini ceremony each year for the special Copper River salmon flown in from Alaska.

Where does teriyaki originate? ›

However, while the name teriyaki traces back to 18th century Japan as a cooking style, what is accepted worldwide as teriyaki sauce originated in Hawaii in the 1960's. Today the common ingredients for teriyaki sauce are: Sake. Ginger.

What US city is known for its chicken teriyaki? ›

Seattle-style chicken teriyaki was created in 1976 in Seattle and has become the staple food of the city.

Where was the original Toshi's teriyaki? ›

Toshi Kasahara is considered by many to be the godfather of Seattle-style teriyaki. He opened the original Toshi's Teriyaki, the city's first teriyaki restaurant, in Lower Queen Anne back in 1976.

Where is teriyaki marinade from? ›

In Japan, teriyaki was initially used to baste grilled fatty fish like eel. As time went on and as we Westerners started using it, it's now used as both a marinade and a glaze and refers to both the sauce as well as the finished dish.

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