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In short: Skechers shoes are generally more cushioned, whereas Hey Dude shoes offer better traction. Skechers are better for narrow feet, while Hey Dudes are better for wide feet.

If you’re looking for a new pair of comfortable shoes, two brands that may have crossed your mind are Skechers and Hey Dude. Let’s compare the two footwear brands right now.

Skechers vs. Hey Dude Shoes

The Skechers GOwalk Max is a shoe engineered for athletic and casual walking. Its lightweight technology helps the shoe to be cushioned and bouncy enough on each step.

The Hey Dude Wally is an extremely lightweight and minimalist shoe that’s perfect for day-to-day wear on various occasions as well as traveling. Let’s compare both Skechers vs. Hey Dudes:

1. Comfort comparison

In terms of comfort, the Skechers GOwalk Max could be the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They make me feel like I’m walking on marshmallows (in the best way possible).

The pleasantly soft cushioning is all made possible thanks to the GOGA Max insoles. They are made to be supportive, cradling both of your feet for a soft underfoot feeling.

On the other hand, Hey Dudes are great, as I can enjoy myself during casual events for several hours, but they are nowhere near as comfortable and cushioned as the Skechers shoes.

This isn’t to say that Hey Dudes are not comfortable. Their memory foam insoles contribute to underfoot comfort a lot. And if you need to wear custom orthotics, they’re easily removable.

However, Skechers has raised the bar so high that it left Hey Dudes in the dust. If Hey Dude shoes have a comfort level of 85, Skechers shoes have a comfort level of 95+.

Verdict: Skechers shoes are more comfortable. The cushioning of the GOwalk Max is hands down the best I’ve experienced so far. I can be on my feet for 14 hours without complaining.

2. Fit comparison

I judge the fit of shoes based on the shape of the foot. For example, I personally have narrow feet and I find the Skechers GOwalk Max shoes to fit my feet extremely well.

Hey Dude shoes are good for me, but I feel like they are more suitable for people with wide feet. This doesn’t mean that Hey Dudes do not fit properly, they’re just not the best for narrow feet.

I think people with wide feet would find Hey Dude shoes very comfortable. My friend who has wide feet and bunions told me that Hey Dudes are perfect for him.

In fact, you need to tighten Hey Dude shoes properly to ensure your feet fit well. That just goes to show that Hey Dude shoes cater to a wider range of audience (people with wide feet).

Verdict: In terms of fit, there’s no winner. Skechers are better for people with narrow feet, whereas Hey Dude shoes are more comfortable for people with wide feet.

3. Traction

Traction is the shoe’s ability to grip surfaces. It is extremely important to make sure you have a solid footing so you can navigate the world without slipping and sliding.

I find that Skechers shoes do not have the best traction. They are gentle on the foot, but they do not provide adequate grip, especially on smooth surfaces.

Hey Dude shoes are not certified as slip-resistant, but I found the traction to be good enough for basic non-workplace needs (walking around town or Disney World).

Verdict: Hey Dude shoes have better traction. While they’re not slip-resistant, Hey Dudes have a solid grip for basic everyday activities. Skechers are more slippery in general.

4. Breathability

The Skechers GOwalk Max features slip-on construction, allowing you to slip the footwear on and off easily. It sports a lightweight textured mesh fabric that feels light and airy on the skin.

Similarly, Hey Dude shoes are made of a breathable upper material that offers a sock-like comfort. The stretch polyester fabric on the upper molds and conforms to the foot really well.

Verdict: Both shoes are very breathable. Whether you’re planning on wearing either pair during the warm summer months or just to keep your feet dry, both do a great job of providing airflow.

Final Verdict

And there you have, Skechers vs. Hey Dude shoes.

Skechers shoes are more comfortable thanks to their supremely thick cushioning, while Hey Dude shoes offer better grip and traction on a variety of surfaces.

Both shoes are breathable, but Skechers is more suitable for people with narrow feet, whereas Hey Dude shoes are better for people “whose feet are shaped like bricks.”

If you are someone who has a pair of narrow feet and flies out of the shoes easily, then you would benefit from the more “foot-hugging” Skechers GOwalk Max instead of Hey Dude shoes.

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Skechers vs. Hey Dude (Shoe Brand Comparison) - Style and Run (2024)
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