Dale Hauskins: L.A. Kalifornischer gitarristen (Californian guitarist) (2024)

Fusion progressive ro..., Luzern Freundliche Grüässli,Dale Hauskins is a first-generation freckled Californian lead-rhythm reggae pop hip-hop jazzrock fusion GUITARIST singer,... Biographie lesen


Freundliche Grüässli,

Dale Hauskins is a first-generation freckled Californian lead-rhythm reggae pop hip-hop jazzrock fusion GUITARIST singer, songwriter, composer in contemporary music.

AVAILABLE-Verfügbar for PRO work in 2017-2021 for gigs, tours tracking projects & band member in Deutschland, ganz Schweiz und auch Österrreich, Europe, U.S.A. Canada and worldwide.
(Valid US passport)
Reggae hip-hop jazz-rock fusion Californian lead-rhythm GUITARIST, searching-sucht-gültig to join-work with band or artist in SWITZERLAND, GERMANY & EUROPE.
Born at national historic site Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base Oceanside, California August 26(Raised in middle-class PICO RIVERA East LOS ANGELES).
Father Dan Evan Hauskins (Chief Petty Officer CMM US Navy World War I & II Born July 1900-Died 1976), bought Dale his first (Sears Silvertone)guitar and amp at age 8 hearing the sounds of John Coltrane Chet Atkins ,Ink Spots, Herb Albert, Mills Brothers; Motown and much more from his father's record player.
Initially, DALE learned to play by ear.
As a teenager, DALE played in many local LOS ANGELES bands along with childhood friend guitarist RUSTY ANDERSON(Currently on CD/Tour with Sir Paul McCartney in 2003-2021.).
After graduating at EL RANCHO High School in Pico Rivera, California. Dale packed his Gibson L6S guitar ,Marshall ,Echoplex and moved to London, England with its burgeoning prog/fusion scene.

Playing a couple years in many different English bands;and jam sessions at the famed Rod Argent's keyboard shop in London.

At 19, meetings with PETER GABRIEL while building his Real World studios in Bath Spa ,England.

Age 23 earned a Associate in Arts degree and studied 3 1/2 years harmony-Composition-Arrangement-Orchestration with composer,pianist-organist Dr.Williametta Spencer, (Professor of Music, WHITTIER COLLEGE), at RIO HONDO COLLEGE Whittier, California.
Soon Dale got a call from LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND to join,record & tour throughout Switzerland and Europe with a established SWISS PROGRESSIVE ROCK band FLAME DREAM signed to Vertigo Phonogram.
Years later joining in 1985 Trinidad's master steel panist PROFESSOR EINSTEIN BROWN's hardworking band SAPADILLA, (replacing New York's late great ERIC GALE).
Dale pursued his passion for playing live shows and recording in the studio working with SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA's crème de la crème REGGAE & HIP-HOP musician community; and with the true creative forces and founders of REGGAE music.

A humble down to earth positive ambitious creative, open minded ACOUSTIC and ELECTRIC guitarist-Musician. Expressive soloing & chords with sheer passionate involvements with which he approach reggae, fusion, hip-hop, folk, soca, rock & slide guitar.
Dale's playing aptitude is very VERSATILE and diverse and has a very expansive musical appetite. Extensive experience in Europe; Costa Rica & the California Pacific Caribbean scene working along with International artists, musicians(recordings/tours/gigs). DALE was a member of a established SWISS progressive rock group in Switzerland during 1978-1986.(see FLAME DREAM)

Dale's dream is to be a member of one BAND or work with one ARTIST.

Heinz Affolter(Swiss producer)
The Alliez(Maui,Hawaii EP CD 2008)
Andre Afram Asmar("Harmonic Emergency" CD/Mush 2008)
Bamiki Bandula(Massive McGregor)
PATO BANTON (Tour/2001)
Bargain Music("The Magic Is Over"Beatville CD/2003)
John Wolf Brennan (Irish-Swiss pianist,organist,melodica player, composer)
Einstein Brown (renowned Trinidadian steel drummer/Singer )
Errol Dunkley
Calypso Rose
Martin Campbell (British reggae singer/artist tours 2001-2013)
Phil Chen (renowned Jamaican bassist for Jeff Beck,Rod Stewart,The Doors,etc.)
CINGULAR jingles(2004)
Daddy Roots
Carlton "Santa" Davis (renowned drummer with Ziggy Marley,Soul Syndicate )
Gary Davis (Veteran disco electro hip-hop producer/songwriter "Gotta Get Your Dub" DJ KNOE1 Remake 2017)
EINSTEIN BROWN(renowned Trinidadian steel drummer,Singer.SAPADILLA,Black Eyed Peas "Hop On The Good Foot"1998 CD/Tours 1987-2006);DJ Doze & E-MAN(CD/2004 "I'm Alot Like You"
The late great Mikey Dread
Errol Dunkley
Anna Fisher("Ying Yang" Molin Music CD/2004)
FLAME DREAM «Out in the Dark» (Swiss Progressive Rock group(Five albums Vertigo, Phonogram) Produced by the late great John Aco*ck(Genesis's Steve Hackett/Deep Purple/Adrian Legg/Rick Wakeman/Ian Mosley.)
Fully Fullwood (renowned Jamaican bassist for Peter Tosh,Bob Marley,Soul Syndicate )
Donnie G. ("Love a Likkle" cd 2016 produced,bass by Fully Fullwood)
Wadi Gad ( renowned drummer for Boom Shaka,Don Carlos)
Pit Furrer (Lucerne Swiss drummer,teacher)
General Jah Mikey
Wadi Gad (renowned drummer Trinidadian for Boom Shaka, Don Carlos)
Drew Hester (Drummer for Joe Walsh,Chicago,Foo Fighters)
Robert Greenidge(Jimmy Buffett's Coral Refer band)
Humble Soul("Jah Love Supreme"CD Tour 2001 with Scientist,Fully Fullwood,Santa Davis,Tony Chin,Jawge Hughes;Steve Reid.)
Jah Mex( Californian reggae artist "Mind Food" EP CD 2008,("Firm Soundation" Produced/Bass by Fully Fullwood CD 2009)
Jah Soldiers Band(Tours 2001-2004)
Jawge Hughes and The U.K.B."Come on Back"(CD/Tours 2002) & Jawge Hughes JR.
Winston Hussey
Mike Hyde(Big Mountain/Ziggy Marley)
Jesus Wore Dickies("Friends Of Jesus" SKUNK Records CD/2004)
Remi Kabaka (Nigerian drummer/percussionist for Rolling Stones,Ginger Baker,Steve Winwood,Hugh Masekela)
Iakopo (International reggae pop recording artist,formerly singer for Keys of Creation Hawaii tour 2012 with Collie Budz.West Coast tour 2016-2017.)
Kelpe "Extraquarium"("shipwreck glue" Wes Coats U.K.remix CD 2008)
Keys of Creation (Hawaii tour 2009)
KONTIKI("Stand Tall" CD (2004) (REGGAE ALBUM OF THE YEAR Hawaiian Music Award Winner 2004)
Kyng Arthur(CDs/Tours 1989-2005 "Mister Master"2000,"Prisoner of the Flesh""2004 Produced/Mix & bass by Fully Fullwood)
MAJEK FASHEK("Little Patience" CD 2005 Tours 1998-2005)
Nick Magnus(Steve Hackett/"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"Enid/Samantha Fox)
Carl McGregor
MYKA NYNE aka Mikah 9(FreeStyle Fellowship)(Mikah 9 "Citrus Sessions VOL.1"CD 2006)
NAMM Show 1980-2020
OBRE 4 "CONSCIOUSness"(CD 2007 Mixed by Fully Fullwood)
Johnny Osbourne(Tours 2001-2005)
Twiston Palma(Tours 2001-2002)
Beth Preston("Inside Fire" CD 2009 ,"White Butterfly,Black Crow" CD 2014 Featuring Australian multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bethpreston http://bethpreston.org/home.cfm
Princess Cruises
Jean Ristori
Coco Roussel(French drummer for Happy The Man)
Sapadilla("Hop On De Good Foot" CD 1992)
Sammy Dread
SCIENTIST("DUB 911"CD 2006 Nature Sounds)
Seal Beach Comedy Cable Show(1986-87 Music Director & House Band)
Sister Nancy( Tours 2002)
Sojie "Rise Up,Native People " CD 2013 (Produced/Mix/Bass by Fully Fullwood)
The Specs (Los Angeles renowned ska band "California Ska Quake" CD 1992,"Changes to the Few" CD 1995
Jon St.James (Producer for Stacey Q)
Freddy Studer(OM)
Surf Channel Jingles(Malibu,Ca.)
TIPPA IRIE (British Grammy nominated legendary MC reggae singer sing-jay dance-hall rapper."Think Twice","I Miss" Tours 2001-2018 )
UCLA Reggae/Jazz festivals
Dave Wakeling
Charlie Weibel


Including more works/performances+ recordings with African, Hawaiian, Caribbean, Swiss, European, international and American artists-musicians.

"Pride will ruin people,but those who are humble will be honored" Proverbs 29:23

Tschüüüssli, Herzliche Dank, ond Liebi Grüess,

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Dale Hauskins: L.A. Kalifornischer gitarristen (Californian guitarist) (2024)
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